DJ Gray Matter: Playing Rob Base, Sans Irony

DJ Gray Matter is a Portland, OR based DJ that specializes in mixing up only the best pop music to make your body move. Not caring whether that pop track is a 1967 Aretha Franklin hit, a 1978 Journey ballad, anything from MJ's 1982 "Thriller", a 90's electric anthem from Daft Punk, a club banger from Jay-Z's 2003 legendary Black Album, or pretty much any pop hit from Lady Gaga, DJ Gray Matter will mix it up, flip it on its head, and play it back to you like you've never heard it before.

With DJ Gray Matter, it's not just the tracks he plays, but how he assembles them live, connecting the dots between seemingly opposite styles of music from seemingly opposite generations.

Drawing from over 15 years of DJ'ing experience and having played at every major venue in Portland, DJ Gray Matter brings everything he's got to every show. Catering to a fan base that takes their dancing and their music very seriously, if you are at a DJ Gray Matter show, you know you are going to be in the company of other like minded people who are there for the sole purpose of getting their dance on.....and you know you will not be disappointed.

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